Who Are We?

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Fix Bad Backs is the on-line store for Stay In Touch Solutions Pty. Ltd an Australian company located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Company & Products

Dr BRUCE SCOTT, an Australian Chiropractor, created this company. Dr SCOTT has been in private practice since 1984. He has a diverse professional background having been a member of the Chiropractors Registration Board of Victoria, an independent consultant for WorkCover, a spokesperson for the Chiropractors Association of Australia, a Director on the Association’s executive and a member of the Program Advisory Committee for the School of Chiropractic at RMIT University in Melbourne.

Dr SCOTT helped develop the commercially successful and popular Chiropak schoolbag for students. In 2006 he designed and created the highly regarded Posturepole™ to assist people who had posture problems arising from holding a forward head posture. In 2008 he brought the award-winning Back Vitalizer Cushion and Trademark to Australia and now manufactures this product in Melbourne.

This site carries products that Dr SCOTT has found helpful for his own clients. They reflect his ongoing postgraduate studies in rehabilitation and keen interest in finding practical ways to reduce the risk of injury and encourage healing.


Dr BRUCE SCOTT has received many awards from his peers. These include the CAA Presidential Certificate of Appreciation in 1998, awarded the Chiropractor of the Year for 2000 and an Outstanding Service Award in 2001.