Dr Graeme's Massager

Dr Graeme's Deep Tissue Massager delivers a penetrating yet soothing massage that literally melts away the pain and tension from tired and sore muscles.  Easy to use and ideal for those hard to reach tight spots across the neck and shoulders. MORE  Developed by Australian Chiropractor, Dr Graeme Blennerhasset, as an aid for his own patients, and now used and recommended by health professionals around the World.  Convenient and versitile; this powerful massager un-knots leg, buttock and back muscles as well as arms, shoulders and upper back. Ideal for use after gardening, sport or any spare moment to ease away the day's tension.


A number of years ago Dr Graeme Blennerhasset set out to develop a professional strength massager so that his own patients would be able to better manage their muscular aches and pains. He realized that most massagers only work on the surface and the way that he could make a real difference was to design and manufacture a massager that would penetrate deep into the muscle belly, relaxe tight muscle fibres and increase blood flow to flush away waste products and other painful chemicals.  And it had to do this efficiently, safely and as painlessly as possible.  

This led to the creation of the Dr Graeme Deep Tissue Massager.   It comes with full instructions and a number of specially shaped massager  heads so you can personalize your home care.  The machine offers a choice of settings so you can finetune the experience so that the massage suits your comfort levels and needs.  This is a massager that many health professionals choose to have in their own rooms. 

At $89.95 cost, including Tax, Dr Graeme's Massager is tremendous value.

$89.95 per Massager


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