Back Vitalizer

The Back Vitalizer is an amazingly effective air cushion where gentle and on-going movement of air is transmitted to the body structure.  This unlocks the tension and almost instantly stops the pain! MORE  Recommended by health professionals and used by thousands of people with back pain it gives quick and effective relief from pain.  It means that you can start sitting down again without pain and enjoy the simple pleasures like watching TV, going to a movie or driving a car.  Compact, it is ideal to use when travelling long distances.  You may never have back pain when sitting again!


How does the Back Vitalizer work?

The Back Vitalizer is a specially designed rectangular air filled low back cushion that you can use either behind your low back or you can sit on it.  It was created after researchers discovered a novel way of encasing air so that it could continuously flow and then used that knowledge to create a very special cushion that has unique pain relieving properties.


Sitting on the Back Vitalizer enhances the hydration of spinal discs, improves blood circulation to the tissues and helps reduce back pain.  The core muscles become activated as if to stabilize your pelvis on a pocket of air.  Like sitting on an exercise ball it stimulates your sense of balance while encouraging you to stay straight and tall.  By changing the level of inflation the Back Vitalizer cushion may be used as an exercise device to mobilize the lumbar spine, strengthen the abdomenal and spinal muscles while stimulating and training the balance system.


When used as a cushion the Back Vitalizer is extremely helpful for people who spend a lot of time sitting and feels remarkably comfortable; it is suitable for people of all ages and is ideal to use at work, home, when taken to sporting events, the theatre, in your car or on an airplane. The Back Vitalizer is very robust; tested to 180KG for eight hours, and cleverly designed to be compact; you can take the cushion anywhere as it folds flat to the size of a magazine.  This special cushion is the perfect travellers companion for anyone who suffers from low back discomfort yet has to spend hours sitting while in transit.

The Back Vitalizer is a Tax-Free Therapeutic Product and at $89.95 is tremendous value.

$89.95 per Satchel


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