Chiropractic Supplies to Help Fix Bad Backs in Australia and Worldwide

Do you have backache or neck pain? Does your back stop you doing your normal activities? Do you get twinges or pains when you are driving or after bending over to work or after pedalling your bike? If these symptoms sound familiar, you are not alone. Millions of people in Australia and across the world suffer from back or neck pain, often caused by old age, torn, worn or lazy muscles or maybe the lingering aftereffects of an old accident or injury. All of these are a sign of your back, particularly your spine, crying out for proper help. Help that really works, and that is where our chiropractic and practitioner supplies, lumbar support cushion and car seats come in.

I have brought together a selection of safe, proven effective products recommended by Chiropractors, the experts in treating back pain, that is guaranteed to end your back pain… or your money back. Already giving relief to thousands of people through the recommendation of health professionals, they are now available right here, right now!
Dr Bruce Scott


The idea is so simple yet the results are terrific. The Posturepole satisfies a genuine need and with regular use my patients feel much better.

Dr Paul Staerker

Chiropractor, WA Australia

My Back Vitalizer really relaxes all the muscles in my back. I’ve now got one for us in my car, at the office and I’m now getting another for home. It’s great!

Liga Byron

Belgrave, VIC, Australia

I really love how the Comfy Cover adds a gentle warmth to my Back Vitalizer cushion. Together they soothe my achy lower back.

E Johnson

NSW Australia

My Physio calls it Vulvodynia – I experience stinging, burning and tightness across my pubes whenever I sit. Freddie relieves almost all the pressure and sensitivity. I take Freddie with me everywhere.

Ms G

Doncaster VIC Australia

Explore Our Back-Support Cushions and Fix Your Bad Back

Fix Bad Backs is an online store with hand selected chiropractic and practitioner supplies and products from Dr Bruce Scott. Dr Scott has over 30 years of private practice experience as a chiropractor and is a member of the Chiropractors Registration Board of Victoria, along with many other related committees. In 2006 he developed the well-regarded Posturepole which you can find on site. All our medical cushions and products are available for shipping across Australia and internationally.

Are You Lacking in Lumbar Support?

Most back pain is not related to serious problems, but rather issues with posture and alignment that left untreated can grow into continuous dull aches and stiffness. Symptoms could include:

  • Dull aches and stiffness
  • Pain in the hip or tailbone
  • Muscle spasms or seizing up of the back muscles
  • Difficulty walking or standing up straight

If you experience one or more of these symptoms, improper lumbar support could be to blame. It is always advisable to seek professional medical help in diagnosing and addressing your lower back pain. However, if it is found to be an issue with your lumbar support there are many cushions, car seats and medical products available which can help.

Learn More About Our Back-Support Products

Our lumbar support cushions are ideal for any seat and help support your tailbone. Our lumbar and spinal support products include:

The Posture Pole Classic: developed by Dr Scott and great at relieving tight muscles in the neck, shoulders and upper back.

Freddie: a portable medical seat cushion allowing you to discretely relieve pelvic pain, pudendal nerve irritation and tailbone tenderness while on the go.

Back Vitalizer: a portable air filled supportive tailbone, pelvic pain cushion providing lumbar support and perfect for improving your posture for your desk seat, car seat or when travelling.

We also stock a deep tissue massager and the Chiroflow Pillow, both ideal for easing neck and other muscular pains.

In Australia and all over the world, lumbar support cushion, car seats and our whole range of medical products are helping people fix their back pain. Browse our range of chiropractic and practitioner supplies and find what best works for you.