The idea is simple yet the results are terrific. The Posturepole satisfies a genuine need and with regular use, my patients feel much, much better.

Dr Paul Staerker

Chiropractor, WA Australia

If you are like me, and riding serious miles and even more serious hills, then you’ll find the Posturepole an absolute godsend. I’ve found that after many hours in the saddle the Posturepole helps straighten me out and ease the aches and pains, so I can do it all again tomorrow.


Wannabee Cyclist, South Melbourne VIC Australia

I have had nothing but good feedback from my patients who use the Posturepole. It is simple and it works.


Physiotherapist, NSW Australia

Posturepole backs up our philosophy Osteopathically on anterior tightness throughout the Thorax and its implications for overall health. Best of all, it is a passive, relaxing and easy way for out patients to achieve compliance in this goal. A real success for our patients!


Osteopath, Heidelberg VIC Australia

Back Vitalizer Cushion

I have found the Back Vitalizer to be an excellent device that allows my patients to improve their posture easily without effort and helps them hold their adjustments for longer.


Chiropractor, VIC Australia

I have every back rest you can imagine, but it was not until I came across the Back Vitalizer that I thought I have the perfect fit.


Toronto Canada

I suffered a lot of back problems, lower back problems and sciatic nerve problems and I purchased this Back Vitalizer which I have used every day since.


Toronto Canada

I’ve been using the Back Vitalizer for six months now and it has relieved the chronic lower back pain that I have had for many years. It really relaxes all the muscles in my back, taking the strain away from the area. It’s so effective that I’ve now got one for use in my car, at the office and at home. It’s great!


Belgrave VIC Australia

My neuro-rehabilitation practice concentrates largely on vestibular disorders and the Back Vitalizer has complemented my patients’ balance rehab. programs. It quickly became apparnt tome that his device could also benefit many of my other patients and indeed, it has. The cushion is simply selling itself and I highly recommend it.


Chiropractic Neuro-rehabilitation, VIC Australia

Comfy Cover

I really love how the Comfy cover adds a gentle warmth to my Back Vitalizer cushion. Together they sooth my lower back.

E Johnson

NSW Australia

Freddie Cushion

Twelve months ago, I began experiencing a lot of discomfort across my pubes whenever I sat. That all changed once I found ‘Freddie’. This cushion relieves almost all the pressure and sensitivity and the flare-ups are now few and far between.

Ms G

Doncaster VIC Australia

The Freddie cushion is simply brilliant! I have a coccyx injury that needs surgery and it makes me miserable whenever I sit. Recently I had to fly to the US and I was worried whether I’s be able to manage the 15-hours of forced sitting. Freddie made all the difference. It is compact, making ideal for travelling and, most importantly, it works like a dream!

Mrs D

Hampton VIC Australia

I’ve suffered with Lichen Sclerosis for many years. It has made sitting, especially in the car, extremely uncomfortable. After 5-minutes I felt the need to find a toilet urgently. Movies were out of the question and to be able to sit quietly and enjoy an uninterrupted meal with friends was a distant memory. I have seen many specialists and tried medicines with limited success.

Freddie certainly helped me. Now when I sit I feel much more in ontrol and that horrible urgency has eased right off. For me, Freddie has been an absolute godsend!

Mrs B

Melbourne, VIC Australia

Chiroflow Pillow

In my opinion, this pillow can make a significant difference in peoples’ quality of sleep.


MD Sleep Specialist, VIC Australia

When I first tried the water pillow, I was able to sleep through the night and I woke up without having any stiffness in my neck.



So many people have spent good money, hard-earned money, on pillows that haven’t really succeeded for them. I don’t think I’ve had any patient who bought the Chiroflow pillow come back and say ‘I’m just not interested’.



Easy-Read Document Holder

This product is my desk friend – never in the way but always there to support my reports and spreadsheets up to A3.


Exeter England

I have been trying a new gadget. Easy-Read, the ergonomic book holder, which I very strongly recommend. I first came across it during my recent research trip in Oxford, as it was on display in the famous Blackwell’s Bookshop on Broad Street. I am totally conquered, and I do not know how I managed before without it.


Salford University, England