There’s evidence that prolonged sitting has real health consequences no matter how active people are during the rest of the day. It seems that the longer you sit, the higher your risk of poor health.

Too much sitting was already a growing problem for many western countries e.g. U.S. where adults now sit on average 15.5 hours each day. Now during the pandemic, and having to stay at home and away from other people, there’s a risk we’ll spend even more time camped in a chair.

While we can still go outside for a walk or run or exercise around home, it seems that long, uninterrupted periods of sitting are what is most unhealthy. Australian researchers suggest that even very brief exercise can be helpful. Taking frequent 1-2 minute breaks were associated with smaller waists, less insulin resistance (an early sign of diabetes) and lower levels of inflammation— all risk factors for poor health.

The Back Vitalizer cushion can help here; it fits on any chair to relieve back pain and is a handy and relaxed way to include small bursts of exercise during time you would normally sit. And being more stable than an exercise ball makes it safe for all ages.

Try some or all of the following Back Vitalizer Exercises every 30 to 40 minutes.
Each 1-2 minute break can relieve muscle tension, mobilize the spine, soothe nerves, and also reduce your risk of ill health.

Balance & Rock     

Sit on your Back Vitalizer using the same level of inflation you would normally use.

  1. Gently rock your pelvis forward then back to neutral, rock your pelvis backward then return to neutral. Repeat 10 to 20 times.
  2. Gently rotate your pelvis clockwise and then anticlockwise, just like doing belly dancing. Repeat 10 to 20 times.
  3. 3. Gently rock your pelvis towards left then back to neutral, towards right then back to neutral. Repeat 10 to 20 times.
  4. While you are rocking, gently lift your left shoulder as high as possible and drop down your right one as low as possible. Do these movements without bending your spine. Swap shoulders. Repeat 10 times.


Balance, Stretch & Hold        

  1. Place your left hand behind the small of your back and your right hand behind your head. Gently bend your body to the left while keeping your pelvis stable. Hold the position for 3-5 seconds. Slowly return to being upright. Do both sides. Repeat 5-10 times.
  2. Lift your left foot and keep your left leg horizontal. Gently rotate your head/neck clockwise and anticlockwise 5-10 times. Swap sides and repeat.
  3. Lift your left foot and keep your left leg horizontal. Gently stretch your arms out straight over your head. Slowly bend forward reaching with your arms. When you feel a comfortable stretch, bring your arms down and behind your body. Hold for 3-5 seconds. Return to neutral position. Swap sides and repeat 5-10 times.


Break up your day’s sitting with movement; use your Back Vitalizer and any opportunity to get up, squat, bend, reach or stretch – remember ‘motion is lotion!’